This page is for foreigners who want to buy Yobee★'s papercraft or someone who can't pay by bank transfer.

< Attention!! >
1. Please check the detail of materials before you order it.  The following selling list is image files to make a papercraft not a completed paper model or paper.  You should print it out by yourself.
2. This order can not be cancelled and not refundable at any case.
3. You can amend the design or color for your craft.  But Do Not Transfer! to the other person in any reason.  The copyright holder of these image files is Yobee★. (Each files have a serial number.)

< How to Order >
1. Please see the following selling list and check with Paypal. 
If you have a Paypal account, you can pay easily.  Even if you don't have Paypal account, you can pay with your credit card.

2. Leave a comment in this post. (Your email address (Paypal account) & Order)

3. As soon as I confirm your payment, I will send the ordered lists to your email. (within 1~2 working days)  After you received my email with the files, it can not be refundable.
The Paypal payment system is restored. Now you can use Paypal to make a payment.  Thank you~.

< Papercraft Selling List >

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SD Blaze Zaku Phantom
(Including Stand) & English Assembly Manual
(USD 20.00)

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(Including Stand) & English Assembly/Photo Manual
(USD 33.00)  

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SD Force Impulse (Including Stand) & English Manual
(USD 19.00)

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SD Sword Impulse (Including Stand) & English Manual
(USD 19.00)

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SD Blast Impulase (Including Stand) & English Manual
(USD 19.00)

SD Force & Sword & Blast Impulse Gundam
(3 Package)
(USD 47.00)

SD Impulse Gundam
(2 Package Selection)
(USD 33.00)

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SD Hi-V Gundam
(USD 14.00)

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